Why is there water around my furnace?

Water puddles were meant to be outside, not in your basement.  A random puddle showing up on the basement floor takes some detective work to determine its cause.  Most times we blame a plumbing failure as the cause, however don’t rule out other sources.  It makes sense to check the plumbing to be sure, but the water may be coming from your furnace.

When your air conditioning runs, it produces condensation.  There should be drain piping running from the furnace to a floor drain nearby to drain away the condensation.  Over time, these drain lines can build up with debris, and other undesirable contents.  It is not unusual for these drains to clog over time.  The water then backs up and finds another way to exit.

The most common way to repair this issue is to cut the pipe and pour a cup of bleach down the drain.  Compressed air also works to blow out the clogs.  The easiest way to put the drain back together is to connect it with a flexible rubber coupling.  This way, the piping can be taken apart easily should the problem arise again.

Water can also be leaking due to the system freezing up (as discussed in a previous post).  Cleaning the condensate drain is an item that should be added to your yearly maintenance list.

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2 Responses to Why is there water around my furnace?

  1. T. Housholder says:

    When I look down into this floor drain (it has a loose metal grate over it) I see some water and it looks a bit “murky” – should I put some bleach into this drain?

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