I Want a Bigger Air Conditioner

Sometimes when replacing air conditioners, we get requests to price a larger unit than the previous system.  This is appropriate in some cases, such as when square footage has been added to the house, or if several large shade trees have been removed.  It is however, important to size your air conditioner appropriately for your home’s size.

When an air conditioner is under-sized, it will run too much, not keeping the house comfortable, while adding to your electric bill.  Neither of those consequences are desirable.

So why not over-size the system, to have plenty of cooling power?  If a system is over-sized it will not run very much, since it will cool the house quickly.  When the run-time is too short, it will not dehumidify the air in the house very well, making it feel cold and damp.  This also does not promote a healthy environment inside the home.  The humid, dampness can be uncomfortable, as well as promote the growth of mold.

When choosing a new cooling system, make sure it is properly sized for your home’s needs.

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One Response to I Want a Bigger Air Conditioner

  1. tobinmiller says:

    Bigger is not always better when it comes to cooling systems. I found this article to be helpful as it shows that a properly sized cooling system helps with indoor air quality by reducing the humidity which promotes the growth of mold. I will give you credit and share your article link on Warren heating and air facebook fan page.

    Thanks for posting this article.

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