Fall Plumbing Checklist

Things to do this fall:

  • Disconnect your garden hose from the outside faucets.  Freezing weather will cause damage to the faucet if the hose is attached.  Turn shut-off valves off for outside faucets.
  • Turn washing machine faucets off and on.  These faucets can “freeze up” over time due to lack of use.
  • Check toilets for leakage. Add food coloring or dye to water in toilet tank to check for leakage into bowl.  A leaking toilet flapper is the most common water leak in a house.
  • If in a mobile home, make sure water supply is protected from freezing. Confirm that the heat tape is plugged in and operational.
  • Open slow flowing drains by pouring in 1/3 cup baking soda, followed by 1/3 cup of vinegar.  Immediately plug off drain and let is sit for several minutes.  Run hot water for several minutes to finish the process. NOTE:  The baking soda and vinegar will create a reaction and foam up.  Be prepared to close the drain quickly after pouring in the vinegar to force the foaming action down the drain.
  • Check caulking around tubs, toilets, and lavatories, and re-seal as necessary.
  • Block off crawlspace vents to prevent freezing water lines.
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