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Should I Buy a Battery Backup Sump Pump?

With the spring rains, many homeowners start thinking about whether they should have a backup plan in case their sump pump fails.  A flooded basement is not on anyone’s wishlist. Thunderstorms are likely to cause power outages as well as … Continue reading

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Why is there water around my furnace?

Water puddles were meant to be outside, not in your basement.  A random puddle showing up on the basement floor takes some detective work to determine its cause.  Most times we blame a plumbing failure as the cause, however don’t … Continue reading

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How long does a sump pump last?

In Central Ohio, sump pumps are a necessity.  Unfortunately, we don’t often think about our sump pump until it fails, or can’t keep up to the demand. We are often asked how long a sump pump should last.  This is … Continue reading

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